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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Christmas is around the corner, so just take this reading as light as possible. The composition of the Gui and Ren tell that your wealth being robbed's Christmas, for sure you do some Christmas shopping or holiday trip. Year end, we think that's normal. You need to pamper yourself also after doing so much this one year, give yourself a treat, pat on the head and just have fun...but don't go mad !

Now, let's have a bit more serious focus. This December 2022 in the Gregorian calendar is the last month in the year but in Chinese calendar you still have 1 ( one) more month to go before entering the 2023 Gui Rabbit year. This month, the water is overflowing, so you need to add on "direction" and "brake", so although it will be splashed left and right but at least still follow the path - a.k.a plan.

December time mostly people is already in the "holiday mood", meaning, the persistence and consistency will a bit on the loose -- it's okay, only that you need to be "alarmed" at least 1 to 2 days a weeks to re-look on the plan and do small things on your planner. So you will still in the loop, not totally out. As it will be very difficult to bring yourself up after too long on the "holiday mood".

This December also means you need to make yourself involve in different social network so then you have a little bit "brainstorming" on what will the 2023 like. Explore more by joining different activities, events or even parties is one thing that you can or will do this month.

If you are Wood Day Master, you can learn a lot when you are in your holiday time, maybe you can find what is now are trending or happening that can catch people's attention.

If you are Fire Day Master, you need to have the courage/decision to make your plan works out and don't stop only up to this stage but you need to maintain the continuity off your plan.

If you are Earth Day Master, manage your things before going holiday, makes sure that your works/assignments will still work properly although you are not in the office. Meaning : delegation and point someone to be in-charge, so later when you come back, you know who you need to approach.

If you are Metal Day Master, show what you can, takes that credit, tells your Director and CEO what is your new ideas for next year and how to deploy it. Put it on the step by step proposal.

If you are Water Day Master, makes your circle bigger, take in your foe and enemy also if necessary, as sometimes they can give us better push rather that always have people that on our sides.

If you are in our Metaphysics School of Show & Tell Facebook private group, you have seen that we continuously posting the 60-Pillar with the 64 Hexagrams relationship, so you will understand the insight what Universe wants you to be aware of. So, after giving out 6 posts out of 12 Branches, now we will show you how we apply the reading.

Take example on below illustration.

Always remember on the SOP :

  1. What is your focus, in this point we have put work/business/create value as the focus

  2. Then you can see what your Pillar has, as this Pillar is strongest and most "productive" pillar, take note on what action that you can do by looking on the 10 Gods representative

  3. Now we add on the Hexagram in this reading

We focus on Work/business/create value aspect : This Xin Ox chart-owner, fast reading: looks like he has the skills in reading the market trend, intuitive but also when he needs to really make the action, will be have a lot comparison as he wants everything to be perfect. So, sometimes he will miss the opportunities to really create his own moment.

His job itself actually asked him to have more courage and decisive as well as be more determined and have as system, be flexible to a change that will happen in the middle of the road, as the"market/public" is the dynamic environment. Only then this Xin Ox have the opportunities to create his value and got good result continuesly.

In his month pillar : Wu Tiger -- Hexagram #55 Abundance, tells him to have that first step, do when the iron still hot, perfect time to make connection with likeminded people, you have whatever you need already, but you still reluctant to move.

This December 2022, then tells you to do some move that your opponent won't be aware that you will do this action.

While doing it, just make sure it's aligned with what you have planned, so whenever it out from the path you can bring back to the correct line as the environment around you will be very dynamic.

If you aware also, Hexagram #21 Biting (the trigrams Li and Zhen) is actually Hexagram #55 Trigram ( Zhen and Li) only that the trigrams change place. Meaning, if you not ready to do your action, because of your too perfection characteristic, you better not tell anyone or ask for opinion from others about your ideas. If you have already spilled the beans, learn from that experience, watch how other deploy your ideas. Because you have the "brain" ( the ideas is yours, remember?) now then you can make better "upgrade" on that stolen ideas and produce it more better!

Will the reading be same for all Day Master because Month Pillar is Wu Tiger will be always Hexagram #55?

The answer is no, this is when you need to put a little bit different salt and pepper into the reading. You also still need to see on the Luck Pillar.

This will be our last blog for 2022, thank you so much for supporting Show & Tell up to this moment. We hope that you can always continue to support us in the future. We will have a new post blog in January 2023.

Till then, enjoy your Festive Season...Happy Holiday and see you in January 2023 for more interesting classes, previews and posts.


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