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"We could both maintain growth and increase, both in quality and quantity" ~ Sunday Adelaja

Here comes the November rain month, if you read our posting on Facebook, yesterday 25 October 2022 has the exact same energy with November 2022 energy. It asked you to declutter, filter, dispose, eliminate so then you can fill the new plan, resolution with constant improvement. Adopt a 12-month strategy plan instead of making a disrupt change so you can have perpetual enhancement.

In case, you are not in our Facebook Group, here is the brief information that we shared on our feed's post : Xin Metal Pig is the energy on this November 2022. This Xin Metal carries Pig in the Branches which have the Ren Water and Jia Wood.

Xin Metal is the sign of precision, elegance, ego, unique way of thinking, extensively creative, intellectual, and imaginative as well as rash, impulsive and respond quite bad on the criticsm.

With the Ren water which is the sign of knowledge and (another) intelligent, a good imitators, sharp thought process and ability to visualise problem from different perspective. Accompanied by the Jia Wood which always in a constant searching for growth, blossoming, progress and establishment this pillar of Xin Pig is really one of the charming and attractive with "brainy" pillar.

Let's go deep as month's energy carries longer bigger energy rather than day. By the 10 Gods perspective, the Pig in the branches carries the Hurting Officer and Direct Wealth for this Xin metal, meaning this month of November you need to make yourself acknowledged and recognised by your knowledge, creativity. Display yourself well, use your communication ability wisely - be more tactful, don't be too opinionated that can leads to arguments and disputes so you can manage your people, wealth, network, relationship well and aim the target that you have already had in the lists.

From the I Ching's perspective, this Xin Pig -- Hexagram #8 [Holding Together] -- advise us to be able to maintain whatever we have build, work hand in hand continuously and settle down for longer period of time. To have this objectives, we need to work in balance and harmony. Especially if you are a team leader, or business owner or maybe someone who has people work under you. Hexagram #8 has formation of Kan (water) over Kun (earth) where the correct and central position are the 2 "MAN" lines in the middle of each trigram. Also, the composition of the lines are dominated by the Yin Lines which means you have to have the ability to complete the tasks before pursuing another new tasks.

It's only left around 2-3 months before entering the 2023 Gui Rabbit, it's better for us to take note on this. Manage your "core", inner and foundation image strong first so that in the next 2 months you are ready to take action in creating bigger, fresher network and opportunities and shining beautifully.

Now, we will give you some informations based on the Day Master and the Branches that have relationship [H2CDP - Harm Clash Combination Destruction and Punishment] but we need to inform you that when we read a destiny chart -- in this case: Bazi, please do keep in mind that you need to see the overall 4 pillars on your destiny chart. One pillar information doesn't give sufficient information, avoid making conclusion and deduction just with 1 pillar reading. To read a chart is an art, it is not a science or mathematical formulation. So, you need to have a wide, broad and open mind.

Basic reading usually will be used Day Master to see what this month energy effects the chart owner. For example ,

  • if you are Wood element, you will see the Xin as your Influence, and the Ren that carries by Pig as your Resource.

  • Then only you dig a bit deeper, the Wood has 2 polarities, the Yin Wood (Yi) and Yang Wood (Jia), so when Yin Wood see the Xin ( Yin Metal) it will be as Indirect Officer ( of famous term : 7-Killings). Yang Wood, on the other hand will see Xin (Yin Metal) as Direct Officer.

  • It will be applied same method for the Ren Water as Resource. For Jia Wood, it will be Indirect Resource and Yin Wood, it will be Direct Resource

**same polarity = INDIRECT (Indirect Resource, Indirect Wealth, Indirect Officer (a.k.a 7-Killings),but for Output we use Eating God and Companion we use Friend

  • Then give the meaning/story/activity on that terms. If you are a Jia Wood, this November is your Direct Officer and Indirect Resource which you've been asked to be more discipline, reliable, reasonable, have strong moral compass, be more structured and procedural, persistence. especially after analysing the market trend and demand with your intuitive and good gut instinct.

From here, at least you roughly know what is your homework generally for this month. To be more precise and detailed you can later read the other pillars but first you need to set 1 area that you need to focus on so you don't read all over and create uncertainty and doubt.

What about the Branches ? All the Branches actually carry hidden stems, right? So, elementally, the reading will be the same from 10 Gods perspective. One thing that makes the difference is the Relationship between the Branches which actually "formulated" from the hidden stems itself.

** in the illustration given, we didn't include the Self Punishment sign (Pig and Pig)

For Example : You are Jia Wood with Snake on the Branches.

This Snake brings Bing Fire as the main energy with Wu Earth and Geng Metal on the side energy. For now ignore the side energy first.

These Snake and Pig in H2CDP has the Clash relationship. It's because Ren Water (Pig's Main Energy) is countering the Bing Fire ( Snake's Main Energy).

After knowing this information, now we create additional story so it become more "complete" :

This Jia Wood after observing, learning and evaluating the trend of the market demand will need or have to change its idea, innovation and creativity this month. Create more branding potential, find the product that will move market aggressively or serve only on niche segments product for example. And to make the ideas well accepted, this Jia Wood need to push its limit, full of dedication and commitment.

With these all bits and pieces information, now the reading makes more sense and we can have direction to know what we need to do. We believe by now you can do your own destiny reading for this month.

Yes, we still can read deeper than this, but with this information alone, at least you can have a big picture on what you need to do.

"Simplicity boils down to two things : IDENTITY the essential and ELIMINATE the rest " ~ Leo Babauta


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