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There are 2 favourable quotes that can represent this October Month- Geng Dog. One is from Sean Patrick "Do something today that your future self will thank you for" and another one is from Nopoleon Hill "If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self"

This October we meet one of the powerful Fui Kong Star and this Geng Dog represents the hardest and toughest from all the four which has a very good determination power to make things happen. Metal is the toughest elements from all 5 elements and to make this element useful, it will need a lot of forging, moulding and shaping, so elementally, it needs fire.

How to know whether you have this Fui Kong in you chart especially in your Month pillar ( as this is the "strongest" and have most " influence" in your chart, you can check as follows : if you are born on the year that ends with 7 or 2 and you born in the month of October (after 7 -- usually) congratulations you have Geng Dog for your Month -- the most important pillar per se as it governs your ability to conquer and create your "value".

For Example : you born in 1987, 22 October or born in 1992 , 11 October, we can say you will have Geng Dog as your month pillar.

The other pillars that we think quite favour to have this Geng Dog are the Hour Pillar or Luck Pillar -- but of course we still need to determine the whole chart to give better assessment.

Okay, back to the October Month 2022, this Geng Metal sits on the Wu Earth accompanied by the Ding Fire and Xin Metal. From here we can imagine that this Geng Metal is like King Arthur's sword : the Excalibur, which hold the "magical" power so called. With the Ding fire as side Qi it can continue to mould and shape this Geng Metal but in the process this Geng Metal also won't lose its pride, dignity and arrogance as Xin Metal also presence here.

So, if we want to translate it into what action need to be prepared this month, looks like you need to be able to "read" the situation well, know the direction where the "market" will go and what is on the "fire" currently. Learn also from the successful people and stories to follow and keep your perseverance high on this. Monthly reading is not a stand alone forecast, you only can be aligned with your goal and have the result that you want if you at least have done something in the last 8 months.

So this month focus is to keep up - adjust - and determine with what you have listed down on your New Year's Resolutions at this beginning of the year.


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