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September 2022 is around the corner, we will talk about what is the energy of this month and how is can effect our life as well as how to prevent unnecessary action/reaction so we can minimise the unfavourable things -- not eliminate it but minimise it.

For September 2022, we have Ji ( Yin Earth) as the stem and Rooster as the Branch, because Rooster is the one from 4 Peach Blossom or Cardinal Branch, this Rooster will bring pure energy of Metal especially Xin ( Yin Metal).

When this Ji meet the Xin, Xin will feel comfortable , safe, confident, smarter, more experience, being served as this Ji act as Resource for Xin and Xin in the normal and balance condition become quite creative, skilful, talented, full of ideas but also it will make the arrogance, pride, self-centred will surface if the condition is not balance.

Interesting things when we read Rooster alone are they love look good when in a healthy condition and look chubby and fat when in unbalanced condition as they enjoy good food, you can trust their taste bud.

In life we will always have yin-yang factors meaning we cannot say the personality will 100% good or 100% not good. A person will show his/her bad character when he/she feel necessary to show so other people won't take them lightly.

From here, we can summarise that this September, we are expected to be able to read the environment, the market situation, what's currently happen so we can have the plan and proposition what to give to the environment. We can also see the sequence from previous month that we learned on how to communicate and convey our thought, belief and concept so that we can get to know what exactly the market cries out for currently and we can make adjustment.

So, if in August what you focus only the negative side of the clash between Monkey and Tiger as well as ungrateful punishment because you put your expectation on people rather than your achievement, then this mont's homework will be quite a lot for you as you need to carry out last month homework also.

Let's see from the 5 elements now to see what they need to adjust and aware so this month can be smoother:

  • Wood element : Not only opportunities and possibilities will open wide for you but you also able to to seize and hold it firmly IF you are determine, persistence to walk the talk, and have the courage to make the decision, and pursue what you have dreamt it long.

Especially if you have this Jia Dragon in your month if you focus on work/business related or Jia Dragon in your day if you are currently pursuing your dream man/woman.

If you have Yi Rabbit in your month there is a possibility of some changes in your work area, it can be on how you respond and make decision on it, try to put your emotional and ego down, have a time to stay calm and think before responding and reacting.

  • Fire element : Display your ideas well and deliver the messages that you want and think your surrounding need to know so you can create your own opportunities to make your fill up your wealth pot.

  • Earth element : Mingle, hang out, create new network and get involved so you can broaden your mind and think bigger. You can also challenge yourself to level up from what you have achieved yesterday or last month.

  • Metal element : Learn something new, learn something that meaningful for yourself even you can change the style of your learning. Make real life connection, learning by doing so the learning process can be even faster as you really experienced it yourself .

  • Water element : Be consistent, perseverance and have schedule that you can follow. Not necessary have to do it lis by list but at least you know what to achieve today then level up to next 3 days then upgrade it again to 1 week and so on. Eventually this will create your routine behaviour through repetition act.


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