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Learning Modules of Ziwei Triumph 2024


Everything You Will Learn in this Program...

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  1. Overview of 2024 : The All Rounder

  2. Opportunities in 2024 : The Decisive Opportunist

  3. Challenges in 2024 : The Unbeatable Survivor

  4. Surprises in 2024 : The Sensational Shocker

  5. Competitions in 2024 : The Resourceful Contender

 Ziwei Triumph 2024 

 Replay Video Fee USD 297

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Your Learning starts from here....

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Replay Video Fee : USD 2585  USD 297

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Malaysia . Singapore . Indonesia . Thailand . Philippines . Cambodia . Myanmar
Russia . US . Canada . Mexico . Panama . India . South Africa . Australia . UK . Germany
New Zealand . Italy . Slovenia . Spain . Belgium . Netherlands . Ecuador . Romania
Hong Kong . Japan . Switzerland . Portugal . Repu
blic of Serbia . Bahrain . Croatia
Mauritius . Peru . Puerto Rico . Sweden . Chi
na . Sri Lanka . Taiwan . Vietnam
Pakistan . Ireland. French Polynesia. Venezuela . Greece . Norway. Finland . Brunei 

Our Previous Classes...

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Replay Video USD 297

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