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Is Your High-Income Job still DEPENDABLE?

More and more top companies around the world are

downsizing & streamlining the organization,

what is happening?

Shall we point the finger towards the employer? Or

it’s time for us to make a CHANGE?


Most people don't have JOB problem,

they have SKILL problem

They are lacking  a skill that can be MONETIZED

In this modern era, we don't need a high income

job, because many jobs are disappearing, what we

truly need, is a HIGH INCOME SKILL.

“But.. I always performed well in my job,

WHY do I still struggle FINANCIALLY?”

If we look at some of our well-to-do friends, we studied in the SAME class,

we graduated at the SAME time, but the income is DIFFERENT?

 The rational behind this myth is:





Instead, the key to great wealth lies in the iceberg:



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Your JOB can SECURE your current living, but something that can GUARANTEE your future, is Your SKILL.

Everyone is born with a unique MONETIZING skill, and which one is YOURS?


Introducing the MOST POWERFUL Wealth-Mastery Program

Everything You Will Learn in this
Mastery Program...

Bazi Wealth

To understand your Wealth Creation Spectrum, to unearth your Hidden Treasures, to unleash your Financial Talents

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Bazi Wealth with base.png

I-Ching Wealth

Investment is time-based.
Which month or which year should you

invest, High-risk or Low-risk, Long-term or Short-term, respectively?

Qimen Wealth

To enhance your Money Consciousness and to gain your Financial Clarity. By incorporating well-planned strategies and time-tested methods into your wealth-related activities for guaranteed Results, Rewards, and Returns.

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Date Selection Wealth

Doing the Right thing at the Wrong time,

will lead to a Wrong result,

and your hardwork will be wasted. 
Time = Money,

With Date Selection, you will twice the results

with half the efforts.
Select an Auspicious date to POWER UP your wealth acquisition

Feng Shui Wealth

What Feng Shui Master doesn't want you to know?
How to diagnose your financial health?
Where is your personalized actionable area for optimized monetary return?

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