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Upon conducting an analysis from the Bazi perspective for each Day Master, our attention now shifts towards examining the Qimen perspective, particularly in relation to business matters.

In the realm of business, our focus is drawn to the EAST sector, which is distinguished by the presence of the Heart Star and the Life Door suggest a focus on core values and life goals in business decisions.

Complemented by the far-reaching and long-term vision of the Nine Heaven Deity, which indicates the importance of looking beyond immediate gains and considering the future impact of business decisions.

When we gather all the information from these components including the JI EARTH & REN WATER on the Stem Formation, we can put it into 3 major strategy that we need to focus on :

MANAGEMENT : this involves making informed business decisions while recognizing when to pause or halt a venture. Effective management also means not letting emotions cloud judgment; instead, relying on existing knowledge and skills.

DECISION MAKING : evaluating business situations objectively and making choices based on rational analysis.

SKILL UTILISATION: Leveraging existing skills and knowledge in business endeavors.

Then from the I Ching Wisdom perspective, these components will form Hexagram #33 which emphasis on the strategic of retreat as this is not a giving up situation but rather about conserving energy & resources more into opportune moments. Also a time to observe the market & competitor to allow more strategic business moves and future opportunities.


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