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Wednesday Pick A Card for 16 April - 23 April 2024.

CARD A -- Hexagram 44: Its core insight centers around encountering potent and potentially challenging forces or influences, necessitating caution and discernment in interactions.

• Exercise caution with new introductions or propositions, especially those that appear particularly strong or overwhelming. It advises scrutinizing the motives and backgrounds of new contacts or opportunities before allowing them to significantly impact your life.

• Remain steadfast in your principles and values, even when confronted with enticing offers or pressures from influential individuals or circumstances.

• Establish clear boundaries and carefully determine the extent of power you grant to new influences in your personal or professional life. This can help mitigate potential risks and maintain control over the situation.


Based solely on theory, season, and the 12 branches, the simple answer is: NO.

CARD B -- Hexagram 31: Understand the  importance of attraction and responsiveness in relationships, emphasizing the need for sincerity and openness.

• Be genuine in your interactions. Authenticity encourages a positive and receptive environment, allowing for a more profound connection and mutual influence.

• Actively listen and respond to the needs and feelings of others. This engagement helps build trust and deeper relationships, enhancing the influence both parties have on each other.

• Seek to harmonize your approach with that of others. This doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with everything, but rather finding common ground where mutual respect and influence can flourish, benefiting all involved.


Based on theory, season, and the 12 branches, the simple answer is: Yes.

CARD C -- Hexagram 10: Moving forward with respect and awareness of the consequences of one's actions.

• Be deliberate and considerate in your actions, especially in complex or delicate situations. Treading carefully ensures that your moves are thoughtful and that you avoid unnecessary conflicts or missteps.

• Understand and respect the boundaries of others while asserting your own.

• Awareness of your surroundings and the moods or feelings of others can guide your actions more effectively. This heightened sensitivity helps in making decisions that are harmonious and constructive, rather than disruptive or damaging.


Based on theory, season, and the 12 branches, the simple answer is: Yes.

For the real Question example and how go interprete follow here


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