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Last blog, we read the August and I Ching from the perspective of Zhou Yi where the reading is more on the description on the Hexagram #59 itself together with the Element on the Trigrams both inner and outer.

So, for now we try to read from King Wen perspective where plays more on the 6 Relationship, the Earthly Branches and the Guardians on every line.

For the Hexagram #59 Dispersing, the asker - represents by the Red line is in the Companion line with the Azure Dragon Guardian [This Guardian for month of August will start with the Arranger Angular as the Month of August starts with Wu ( Yang Earth)], so let us read it slowly :

We need to focus more on the networking, make our connection bigger by doing more good things or sharing knowledge or maybe if currently you want to find your relationship, this month consider you can if you go out and mingle with others. It's also have the possibility of doing work together with others who have same common interests.

And this Asker line also is in the correct and centre position which means when you have already planned it well months before or in the first term of this year, now it is your time to act on it. If you see the 6 Relationship ( Companion-Output-Wealth-Influence-Resource), you realise that Influence and Wealth are missing which means this month looks like you will be overflowed with knowledge, data, experiences, information and also on how to make it into new idea and innovation but you don't have that persistency to make it structured or systematic.

This Hexagram #59 has Output as the outcome ( Green Color Line) so to create money it won't be any difficulties but the perseverance to make that money as "stable" income then you need to find the way. If we see the Dispersing meaning alone, we can say that it's too much on your mind so that you need to make a smaller task so you can finish it easily one by one.

So, same like the reading from the description and trigrams on first perspective by Zhou Yi, in this perspective from King Wen, we can also say that this month you need to be able to cut down your task into small size and let other people who good at it to finish the task so the you can have your grand goal for this month achieved,


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