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April 2022 Outlook from IChing Perspective

If you look at the image of this hexagram, you can imagine a sun rising over the lake, somehow it looks beautiful and a sign of a new day has come but if we look at the structure of this hexagram; Li ( fire) over Dui ( Lake), we know that lake is the accumulation of water which usually quite static but still have movement ( water always have downward energy) while the Fire is the spontaneous and instantaneous energy that burns everything ( fire always have upward energy).

These 2 structures have opposite directions in terms of energy moving and try to stay as far as possible from each other.

To maintain the balance of these 2 without losing their characteristics, the better way is to let each of them do what they think best for them to do rather than force them to do what something that restrict and ridicule their strongest point just to “please” the others.

So, this #38 Hexagram -- Opposition/Diversity tells us that there will be a lot of new ideas coming in, and to achieve the main goals we want, why not try to give others (as well as ourselves) to do what they ( also us) do best because sometimes different views and approach can lead to astounding enlightenment. Don’t try to convert others’ nature.


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