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The Essentials 

History & Etymology, Yin & Yang, 5 Elements,

Hetu, Luo Shu, Early & Later Heaven Bagua.


The 4 Guardians

Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix,

Black Tortoise, Motion Vs Static, Logic Vs Emotion,

Family Members


External Landform

Evil Dragon Mountain, Lonely Dragon Mountain, Rushing Dragon Mountain, Sick Dragon Mountain, Dancing Phoenix, etc.

Dragon Water, Tiger Water, Ox Leading Water

Peach Blossom Water, Scissors Water, 

Cutting Feet Water, Merciful Water, 

Merciless Water, etc.


Internal Environment

Bedroom, Study Room, Door, Living Hall, Kitchen,

Bathroom, Elevator, Ceiling, Altar/Shrine

Commercial PropertySpirit Wall, Dragon Head Water, Dragon Tail Water,

Moving Water Area, Dead Water Area,

Locking the Dragon, Shopping Mall’s Water Receiving

Method, Meeting Room Setup, Sitting Position in


Fengshui Vision Professional

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