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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

"Pay attention to whom your energy increases and decreases around, because that's the Universe giving you the hint of who you should embrace or stray from ~ and If you want to achieve success, you need to define what it is for yourself." ~ Aaron Peters

Have you read Part 1 [one] on the overall outlook for 2023 Gui Rabbit, if haven't, please make time to read that one first before continuing to read this Part 2.

We understand and believe that you have followed every reading on the annual forecast, for people who don't learn Astrology or in this case Chinese Metaphysics, they will focus on the year of birth -- which actually if focus on the year of birth ONLY, it will be the same for the people who have the same year of birth, the easiest example is you friends who have a same born year- 1978, 1974, 1970, etc but do they have same challenges, success, talents, skills, and things that you've experienced?

For people who do learn Chinese Metaphysics, they should understand by now that there is another 3 +1 Pillar that has to be put into consideration - Month, Day, Hour, and Luck Pillar, respectively. That's also the reason why we have the Date of Birth complete [example : 20 May 1970 at 11.00 AM], does this now more make sense?

**Hold that thought on exactly same Date of Birth but very different end result as this one need to do complete "evaluation", deeper learning and understanding**

2023 in Chinese Metaphysics belongs to the Rabbit sign, this Rabbit has several interactions with other animal signs, in Show & Tell Academy we call it H2CDP [Harm Clash Combination Destruction Punishment] :

  1. Harm with Dragon

  2. Clash with Rooster

  3. Combination (3 Harmony ) with Goat and Pig, Combination (6 Harmony) with Dog

  4. Destruction with Horse

  5. Punishment with Rat

To know what is your Bazi map looks like, you can try to plot it with Chinesemetasoft

Up to this point, we hope that you've already known or [even better] memorised your Bazi map so you can mix and match to see whether you have the H2CDP with this 2023 Gui Rabbit chart.

We will give you the simplest way to analyse your chart and to do this, please do not simply take a conclusion as there will be a lot of factors and components that you need to put into consideration.

Please do bear in mind that every animal sign or we call it Earthly Branches will bring its auspicious and inauspicious attributes differently every year, whether we want to push the auspicious to be on the surface or inauspicious, it's really up to us how to work on it.

Let's take a look on the SOP first, shall we ?

  1. Plot your Bazi chart, again, you can use Chinesemetasoft or any other Bazi Calculator on the Google or apps like Spacetime

  2. Identify what do you have in your Bazi Chart

  3. Identify which pillar [Year-Month-Day-Hour] that has the interaction with the Rabbit

  4. Identify which 10 Gods [F/RW-EG/HO-IW/DW-7K/DO-IR/DR] involve in this interaction

For now, only do this exercise. If you have a lot of information currently on how 2023 looks like based on the animal sign [Earthly Branches] you need to empty your cup first so you can fill it fresh. Also, you need to have the principle of less is more.

We will try to give examples on how to read after following that 4 Steps above. For example, if you have Rooster in your Bazi Month, by now you know that Rooster have a CLASH relationship with Rabbit. CLASH itself means change -- in the illustration, we point out from black & white picture now change into colours -- means, we need to have a transformation, the next question is transformation in what, yes?

Month pillar usually associates with productivity, it can be job, work, business, tasks, assignments, projects, chores, skills, and also talents. So, because Rooster resides in your month Pillar and she interact with Rabbit as a clash, general meaning that there will be a change in your productivity area.

If we want to know precisely what we need to focus on, see the step 4 on the SOP, you need to know what this Rooster represents.

Example on Reading when you have Rooster in the Month and you are a Wood Day Master or a Fire Day Master :

For a Wood Day Master, this Rooster will be its Influence -- so this 2023 need to change the way you do things, have more courage, and be firm if you are too afraid to take any decision and vice versa learn not too rush in taking any decision if you previous too brave without considering the effects. We can say also that looks like there will be a change related to your job, it can be you will have a change in company structures which can include different boss to report to, job description, change position, or change department.

For a Wood day Master, the major objective this year is to learn from people around you on how they do things, adopt and adjust. Learn how to making network and be a leader.

For a Fire Day Master, this Rooster will be its Wealth -- so this 2023 you need to have a change in managing and controlling things. If the previous year you didn't want to take charge in everything in your department or your business, now you need to try to offer yourself to do it so you can open more opportunities for yourself. But, if you are to micro-manage, and try to see things from a different perspective, goals can be reached if everyone does what they can do best.

For a Fire Day Master, the major objective this year is to learn to see the market's demand then try to be more decisive, and firm. Able to differentiate between wants and needs, have a procedure, and structure in doing things.

We will give another example on different pillar. This time we use Destruction relationship. Destruction literally means state of being destroyed, so Destruction here, you need to tear down and demolish the old way and build the new way with the same objectives.

Let's just say you have Horse in your Hour, again follow the above SOP and to make the reading more personalised, focus on step 4 where the 10 Gods will give the reading meaningful.

If you are an Earth Day Master, this Horse will act as your Resource -- one thing about Resource is about learning especially Direct Resource. On what you need to learn you can identify what the other element beside this Direct Resource, if the element is stand alone like on the Rat Rooster and Rabbit, you can refer to the top stems.

So, like on this Horse the side element is Ji (Yin Earth) so for Earth Day Master who has Horse in the hour, it has to learn from his social network, the market's demand, partner, staff and even its competitor -- if we focus on Wealth reading -- on how to make a different approach, different systems, and different manners to reach your objectives,

For an Earth Day Master, 2023 is the time to create opportunities and values with the condition it has to be consistent and full of determination.

How about Metal Day Master, this horse will act as your Influence -- where you need to be bolder and dare enough to take different route and then exercise more on continuity and repetition instead of taking huge steps as this will embody something inside you.

Generally, for a Metal Day Master, 2023 will be the time be more creative, imaginative, and inventive. Show what you have and unveil yourself to create your opportunities and get the value that you aimed.

We hope that by reading the information given, you can now at least understand how and what to read.

This information given with the assumption that there is :

  • no H2CDP appears in your Bazi chart, especially the Harm and Punishment-- these two relationship are more related to feeling, emotion, and perspective which only can be settled by yourself.

  • The general outlook on your personality that reflects in your Bazi chart and environment are two other points that also count to see whether this "general analysis" works.

As we mentioned before, all Earthly Branches will bring auspicious and inauspicious stars -- we have this covered on our Webinar on 4 December 2022 -- it can be auspicious or not, it depends on us.

For example : the Dog, it considers auspicious this year but if in your Bazi chart this Dog (in the Month) has Goat and Ox (Day and Hour, respectively) and you cannot untie yourself from the "punishment" and don't do any change in the way you see things, what do you think will happen?

Be smart and wise when reading a chart and if you can empty your mind of all thoughts, your heart will embrace the tranquility peace so it will be easier for you to see and understand more things clearly.


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