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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

"The UNIVERSE doesn't give you what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you demand with your actions" ~ Dr Steve Maraboli

In the blink of an eye, we will meet the Gui Rabbit and what you have done in this Ren Tiger Year will determine how your 2023 will look like.

All predictions based on your born year and the stars that each animal's sign carry also have been revealed widely by several Masters through a webinar or events -- these all like the ingredients to make your food -- and these ingredients need to be mixed correctly so desired effect can be achieved.

Today, we will try to read (still) on the Ba Zi perspective -- how this Gui Rabbit appearances can give different 'taste' to the Stems and Branches on our Day Pillar. When this Gui Rabbit arrives, she will carry :

Jia Wood in Month,

Gui Snake in Day and

Ding Snake in Hour.

Let's analyse this chart, shall we? At glance, we can say that the wood element still grows strongly, follows by the Fire element. The difference between this Gui Rabbit to Ren Tiger, currently we can see Metal elements this year.

Although this Gui Rabbit looks quite "balanced" on the element -- Water-Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal where all are present we're missing the Yin element of earth, metal, and Yang Water which represents courage/ability to make a decision, informative/ability to read the"fashion"/trend market and ability to lead and make the necessary comparison, respectively.

In summary from the element perspective, this Gui Rabbit year everyone is more on the planning, preparation, forethought, and play on the "waiting game" although he/she is quite impatient to make a move. He/She will eliminate things on his/her method so can be accepted in the market but not to change it. Especially in the first six month, everyone will more on the talking rather than the application so it's more important to utilise all the resources, ideas and skills rather than depend on the planning alone.

If we are looking from the 10 Gods' perspective, the appearance of money can be seen but this kind of money is more "routine" based money not a "lazy" money type. Meaning if we work hard and walk toward the goal persistently, we will get the money that we have already aimed for. Also if we are able to have a niche idea - fresh and unique - we will win the "battle".

We also need to put our expectations more on the work and assignment that we are working on rather than on the people that we work with.

Let's do a bit of different perspectives in reading this Ba Zi chart. Wealth and Money related are the most favourite focus, so if we want to relate this Gui Rabbit chart, we can say that in 2023, we need to be able to learn from others on how we should do our business or even on how we perform our duties so our effort can be acknowledged by the executives. Learn from your competitor, your enemy, and people who you think are successful. Be more creative, learn to understand our end users/customers/clients' needs, get their feedback, and work on that. Delegate your job, do one thing at a time, and eliminate things that do not suit your goal only then you can accomplish things,

Second favourite topics -- Health related matter -- 2023 looks like everyone needs to be able to control sleep quality -- the root cause of 2023 health related issues. And this long-term effects of sleep deprivation can link to several number of health problem which will be increased this 2023 such as mood changes (including anxiety, sensitivity, and anger management), low immunity, memory issues - including trouble in thinking and concentration, poor balance, eye and heart disease, high blood pressure and weight gain plus diabetic.

For today, we think this information can at least help you to be aware on what you can expect on 2023 Gui Rabbit, but again, this is general and universal reading.

To know how this 2023 will give your chart tastier and easy to digest, you need to be able to connect it with your own chart where we need to peel off layer after layer. We will try to give you another perspective on our next blog, till then be mindful of your self-talk, do see things from different angles to develop a better knowledge.


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