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Updated: May 31, 2023

"Purify yourself from the attributes of self, so that you may see your own pure, untarnished essence" ~Rumi

This month is Wu Earth Horse with the hexagram #50 Cauldron. If we want to describe the Wu Earth and the Horse visually, we can see that Wu Earth symbolises stability, reliability, grounding, and accumulation quality while Horse represents vitality, beauty, strength, dynamism, and also moving forward quality.

When we translate it into Bazi language, this Wu Earth sits on its Resource with Ding Fire and Companion with Ji Earth makes this pillar is very resourceful, willingness to learn and observe, and knows that they can create their own way of success. They possess strong drive to pursue their goals and willing to take risks to achieve success. They have natural ability to inspire and motivate others, making them can become a good and effective leaders.

The weakness with Wu Earth, you can imagine a volcano, where they are easily swayed by emotional, without weighing rationally, make impulsive decision and act hastily. So they need to cultivate patience and a sense of stability, not being fluctuate or oscillate by others to avoid unnecessary risks and perils.

From the I Ching's perspective, Hexagram #50 Cauldron forms by the Li Gua - Fire with Fire element over Xun Gua - Wind with Wood element. So, if we want to visualise it, you can imagine the wind and wood keep the fire burning, which symbolises the ideas and thought constantly bubbling up. We can also say that this Cauldron hexagram represents nourishment and the idea that what you put into it determines the quality of what comes out.

So, if we combine the perspective from both Bazi and I Ching, we can summarise that we have experiences, events, episodes, knowledge, awareness, consciousness, and realisation to assist us to continue generating and designing our success where we also need to limit ourselves to not make a move based on the impulsiveness. Don't let yourself distracted by unnecessary things, try to stay focus, and give yourself shorter time-frame to finish your work.

When we step into this Wu Earth Horse means we have already halfway through the year, it also prompts us to reflect on the experiences and progress made thus far, while also looking ahead the opportunities that lie ahead in the coming months.

If the Ox, Rabbit, Rat, and Horse present in the Month Pillar, we may have a challenging energies and transformative experiences in our working or business are but always bare in mind that sometimes the challenge often lead to personal transformation and resilience. Build more self-awareness, open to criticism, and shift our perspectives, by doing these we will be able to go through this short-term energy more comfortable.



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