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Today Reading (31 March 2022)

Let’s take a look at Today's 31 March 2022 from IChing Perspective

Philosophy approach: In the Complete IChing book by Master Taoist Alfred Huang explained that “this hexagram is called KUN and the ideograph of Kun is a tree placed within a big mouth (Kou). Here “mouth” signifies an enclosure. The ideograph of this gua is wood confined in an enclosure. It can no longer grow. In the end, it will become exhausted and die. Before the Zhou dynasty, the ideograph of Kun was represented by wood and the sign for stop”

We also can say that from the illustration alone that the water trapped and circulated only inside limited space of the lake.

And even by the lines, we also can see that the Yang lines is trapped inside the Yin barricade.

So what the hexagram wants to tell you is that having passion and persistence alone in the rapidly changing situation may not be enough, instead of sticking up to original plans, we need to open up our mind, stop for a moment, have a pause and tries to understand the root of the problem we face so we can solve it properly.

When IChing together with Qimen, it tells you that the situation is currently quite “noisy” -- the muddled and confusing situation with a lot of information out there that can create a blockage in some point so you need to stay calm so you can filter things better and didn't miss what you need.

Looking more deeply this hexagram with the Earthly Branches assigned to every line also informs us that there will be some changes needed after stepping into a new situation ( the preceding hexagram is growing upward), managing things so we can get our way.


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Hexagram 32, "Duration," from the I Ching, emphasizes perseverance and consistency. It advises maintaining steady progress and commitment over time, avoiding sudden changes or impulsiveness. 𝑾𝒉𝒊𝒍�


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