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"The greatest Wealth man can have is an understanding Wife" ~Euripides

In Bazi, Day Pillar represents self and the "ideal" spouse that he desires to have. We want to focus on the male's chart for today, so for example, Mr G has Bing Monkey as his Day Pillar , this Mr G 's overall personality quite independent, more on a routine job, passionate, profit driven, self-sufficient self-reliant and self-contain which become the main reason that makes him quite smug and complacent sometimes.

Monkey earthly branch that this Bing sits on brings the energy of Geng Metal, Wu Earth and Ren Water - in 10 Gods terms Indirect Wealth, Eating God and 7-Killings, respectively, makes Mr G loves someone who has a business acumen, can seize and create the opportunities well to create own value, smart and has broader perspective and cognitive orientation, aggressive and proactive.

When we talk about people, the Wealth ( for now just focus the Wealth as a "whole", do not separate it as Direct Wealth or Indirect Wealth) in a male's chart represents Wife. Now, we can see that Mr G's chart, he is sitting on the "Wife", which also becomes one of the sign that this Mr G may get his wealth from his wife ( by working or inheritance from family) or the Wife can be very helpful and supportive in pursuing Mr G's ambitions (money related in this matter) especially if the Wealth/Wife is a healthy and favourable component for Mr G.

Do you have this Double W in your Day Pillar ? If yes, you can sit back and relax for a while, but if not, fret not as we still need to have a complete assessment when read a Bazi chart, one pillar only will give you a "sneak preview" but there are another 3 other Pillars with a several 10-years dynamic pillar -that can give us to see what the opportunities, challenges, the ups and downs which make the reading and understanding clearer.


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