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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

"You Need to be Aggressive with your Goals. Don't accept Something Less Than What you Deserve"

This is the 7th Gods that usually will give the a tremble and shudder for some people if they have it in their chart or they meet one from outside ( Luck Pillar or Annual). Why it has the name if 7-Killings instead of Indirect Officer because its a direct translation from the Chinese Character Qi Sha. Another reason is when we put it into sequence :

  • Companion : Friend ( 1) Rob Wealth (2)

  • Output : Eating God (3) Hurting Officer (4)

  • Wealth : Indirect Wealth ( 5) Direct Wealth (6)

  • Influence : 7 Killings (7) Direct Officer (8)

  • Resource : Indirect Resource (9) Direct Officer (10)

1,3, 5,7, 9 are all with same polarity while the 2, 4, 6, 8 , 10 are all with different polarity on the Stems and Hidden Stems that carried by Branches.

The character of this 7 Killings mostly all aggressive, combative, belligerent, macho and warrior temperament and nature. They able to stand out during chaotic situation. They will react and have the ability to execute every plan if they really have the chance. If we refer to relationship, it's more on the physical touch, skin-ship and yes it can be seen as 2-ways approach as well, cuddling or abusive.

When we see from the perspective of production cycle, this 7 Killings is part of INFLUENCE. This Influence is the one who "attack", counter the Day Master and (of course) it will be fair and square fight because the elements are same polarity : Yin with the Yin, Yang with the Yang.

To know which Branches that will carry this 7 Killings energy, you now need to know the main energy (hidden stems) that brought by the Branches.

For Example : Tiger brings Jia (Yang Wood), so this Jia will "attack" which element?

  1. You need to see that Tiger brings Yang polarity

  2. You need to find the Yang element also ( Jia-Bing-Wu-Geng-Ren)

  3. which from these 5 that the Jia ( Yang Wood) will attack

  4. The answer is : Wu (Yang Earth)

So, if you are Wu ( Yang Day Master) if you meet Tiger, this Tiger will bring the 7 Killings energy to come and "attack" the Wu Day Master.

***don't scroll to see the illustration first, we want you to think. From 12 Branches, there are 4 Branches that won't bring the 7 Killings energy for the Day Master although it sits on it because they carry different polarity with the stems all the time.

Now, is there any difference of "attacking" when this 7 Killings accompany the different Day Master element?Let's rephrase :

Earth Day Master with Wood as their 7 killings will there be any different "attitude" or "action" when Wood Day Master with Metal as their 7 Killings or Water Day Master with Earth as their 7 Killings?

The answer yes, of course.

Wood as the 7 Killings they will aim the winning with slower pace but they make sure it consistent, so when they can conquer it, they can enjoy it in longer time, They won't rush into things.

Metal as the 7 Killings, they will work in precision, they discernment and judgement usually flawless and once the sword is already out they will lunge, feint and attack with the right spot.

Earth as the 7 Killings, they will direct you to make mistakes and once you've already inescapable and inevitable situation, you need to surrender.

How about the Fire and Water element-- these 2 elements which are brought by 4 animals signs that have always have different polarity with the Stems, in theory we cannot give "title" to "tag" 7 Killings to these Branches.

Horse always brings Ding Yin Fire and Rat always brings Gui Yin Water but the these 2 Branches will always have YANG Stems on the top.

While Snake brings Bing Yang Fire and Pig brings Ren Yang Water and these 2 Branches always accompanies by YIN stems on top.

If this is the case, the Direct Officer which is part of the INFLUENCE then can "transform" into 7 Killings energy when needed.

Water and Fire are 2 elements that will nonstop "moving" in a way. so we can say these 2 elements are unpredictable. The Fire when gets angry, you cannot turn back things into the original shape, while the Water they will force you to keep moving, you will be dragged till you have no more energy to fight back -- just image tsunami.

With this information, we hope that you now can identify your own 7 Killings energy and also know how to use it well,

The concept is still the same, you need to concentrate what is the focus you want to put your energy on, then only you can read more detail without dispersing your thought.

**in the below illustration, we didn't put the Dog and Goat just because of Artistic and Picture Balance reason. So you can just add Dog with the Ren Water and Goat with the Gui Water in your own note.


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