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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

"Be more concern with your character than your reputation, because character is what you really are, while reputation is merely what others think you are" ~John Wooden

Here come the April - Show & Tell's favourite month and this also means Spring will end soon. In Chinese Metaphysics, end of the season means the Branches will bring the Earth element whether it is Wu ( Yang Earth) or Ji (Yin Earth).

End of Spring season, we will see the mighty Dragon with his Wu Earth as his main Qi, Gui Water as the storage from previous season, and Yi Wood itself as the symbol of Spring season.

In this Gui Rabbit Year, this Dragon will be accompanied by Bing Fire element and he belongs to the Jia Wood Tiger group.

With all these information, we would like to share what we need to prepare whether it is the time for us to be on full acceleration or step on the brake. We will to break it down with a very simple explanation so you can see the perspective clearly.

Bing Fire in Show & Tell always illustrate as a big shining sun, the light can shine and beneficial for almost every living things which always rises in the East and sets in the West, it's also the reason why sometimes Bing Fire is quite a routine driven, direct, generous, warm, perseverance, but also self-centred, insensitive, and conservative.

With companionship of Bing Fire on the stem, the Dragon which always brings the Wu Earth, Gui Water, and Yi Wood now have the Output, Influence, and Resource respectively. If a person carries this combination of DO-EG-DR in traditional translation usually can be said that he/she will have a good life as a lot of people will support him/her to carry on his/her ideas and be a leader.


Fire is the Focus Point -- Fire produces Earth (Output - EG), Fire being controlled by Water (Influence - DO), Fire being produced by Wood (Resource - DR).

Same polarity = "INDIRECT" + EG + FRIEND

Show & Tell Application Class - Bazi Mastery 2023 will be in April 2023, Register here

Minimum Requirements : 5 Elements, COWIR (Companion Output Wealth Influence Resource) and H2CDP (Harm Clash Combination Destruction Punishment)

To make the reading more receptive to our brain to digest, after showing all the information now we will tell what is the message for us to make this April beneficial for us.

So, this April - Bing Fire Dragon, we need to learn continuously to deploy our creativity, thinking, skills, talents. Don't just keep it buried only in your thought and after making it uncovered, you need to build your discipline and persistence to make it always up-to-date, so the public can recognise your work well and the value can be created effortlessly.

From the Wisdom perspective ( I-Ching), we will have Hexagram #58 Joyful which reminds us that sharing is caring, we need to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently so the message can be received well. To do this you need to be clear on what you need and sincere. Be true to yourself, understand yourself fully, align your mind, body, and soul. This hexagram also sometimes can tell us that we have tendency to have talk it only without any implementation. Even if it's already implemented, sometimes there is no progression. So, we need the strong discipline, persistence, consistency here to do things thoroughly.


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