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"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts and it is our decisions not conditions that determine our quality of life" ~QuotesGram & John C Maxwell

We have posted yesterday in our Metaphysics School of Show & Tell's feed about what is coming this Friday, 14 April 2023. You need to make a mark on your calendar or daily planner as this is an important event (in Vedic Astrology) where the Sun and Jupiter will combine together and create a beautiful energy.

The Sun itself represents the warmth, passion, vitality, and soul while the Jupiter, even in Chinese Metaphysics, it represents the Wood element where it's the sign of growth, abundance, branching out to learn and take the lesson.

In Chinese Astrology's perspective, this 14 April 2023 will be the day of Ren Tiger with the hexagram #13 Fellowship where the Heaven (Qian) over the Fire (Li). When you read the hexagram for self, the below trigram usually represents our inner-self, our ability to create something, passion, and will. While the upper trigram represents outer-self, the environment, the "possibilities", and the chances.

With the Fire ( Li) trigram on the below, we understand that today we need to have that "push" so we can handle the outer better. The outer represents by the Heaven (Qian) trigram where creativity, action and decision-making are needed to make everything become possible to grab.

Heaven (Qian) trigram represents the Metal element, so if we want to follow the Production cycle : Fire control Metal and we only can control something when we have good resources, knowledge, and experiences.

So today, either it's Vedic, Western or Chinese astrology , it tell us that we need to shape our life and create a meaningful relationship, we need to be able to take the accountability and be decisive to create our better self.

Let's add one more perspective on the strategy and manifestation based Qimen Daily (14 April 2023) Chart. Before we read on this, we need to remind ourselves that to manifest things, our mind-body-soul need to come from place called confidence, abundance, and positivity so we can grab the "push" from Universe.

First, we need to know that today chart gives us the persepective that if we want things to be smoothly run , we need to be able to learn and explore new things, create something so others can remember you instantly, give out more rather than take in more, and lastly be more decisive on whatever we have planned.

Then only we deploy our focus, for example : we want to focus on career, so we know that we all have that resources, knowledge, and experiences but things that can pull us back is our own arrogance and want everything too perfect and detailed oriented. So, we need to filter the importance list, set more on the long-term focus, and learn the market condition.

For Qimen practitioner, try to link to the Destiny chart and April month chart to make the reading more detailed as today will determine the next step that we need to follow.


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