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You are a people person. Don't put your expectation that others will have same thought like you, that's make us human. We have different thought and emotion. Accept others as they are. Embrace the disharmony. Stay loyal and be true to yourself.


Stay Focus. Don't delay your momentum to be at your best as you are already aligned with your destination.


Be more adaptable and flexible. Learn while you make a move. Have a confidence, make a re-evaluation on every finished tasks. Time to give instead of take. Don't be egocentric. Do your best to dissolve the root problem. Emotion and logical need to work hand in hand.


You will have your new beginning especially in the next 5-11 weeks, just filter out everything, delete the things which do not align. Present time is important, make the NOW and let Universe settles the rest.


Today's reading is more on the relationship and working together whether it is with your spouse, partner, friends, collaboration, family, and even foes.

You need to understand that every moments in your life will always resonate to one another. We are all creature of emotion where logic alone cannot solve the problem.

Have a great day, everyone! Light and Love for all of you


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