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On the previous blog, we tried to see things based on Annual Qimen Perspective as we have already entered second half of this 2022.

Now, we will try to see from Bazi Perspective where we will get the chart from this Ren Tiger born -- 4 February 2022 at 4 AM.

In the first half of the year, we seemed like to like very "busy" and exhausted as a lot of things stuffed to our life without pausing especially for people who has Monkey in their chart (particularly in Month and Year as we still talk the "outer" chart). The appearance of Monkey if accompanied by Snake (either in natal chart or Luck Pillar) maybe the first half year will be bit harder if we cannot "filter" the feeling and "expect" anything in return every time we contributed things.

Also it will be quite a "busy like a bee" day for the other 3 combination friends of this Tiger -- the Horse and the Dog -- with equipping more with new skills and knowledge, more ideas suddenly can pop-up to widen the network, to see, observe and filter out of what's trending in the current market so we can create more value.

At that 6 months moment, we needed to be brave enough to take all the opportunities, determined, build strong endurance to never stop and acted upon it (with plan of course). If happened, in your chart also have Pig, you know that you need to re-structured/re-planned your way so you can achieve your goals with different ways.

If the first half we can bear all the objections and challenges, this next 6 month we will be able to be a "top-notch" problem-solver because we have experienced the hardest situation that came to us and get our hands a little bit dirty to do what we need to do.

Build more network from different type of level as this will allow us to be more precise in our own "database" so easy for us to give our "niche" for different type of people in the market. As you notice in this Natal Chart of Ren Tiger, we didn't see any Metal element appear here and mostly dominated by Yang elements--which can be interpreted that too much act without any planning just because afraid of being left behind-- which is actually not a correct move.

In the "action" related, Metal here acted as the skills/ideas/creativity/innovations, so to get all these, we need to be in the "market" itself, to be more observant so can acknowledge what the "market" need by collecting data and information.

As the element itself, Metal can be sign of endurance, determine and precision, so it's better for us not easily to be swayed just because everyone doing it then you follow especially when you have no plan, skills and network.

So, in summary, this next 6 months, make the network even stronger, learn from and with other people, collect more data and information, be more follow-through on what we have build on the first half year and we really can accomplish our goal nicely (Jia Tiger hexagram is #63 accomplished).

Remember the #63 Accomplished also can be translated as the accomplishment of the negative things if you only focus on the negative and rush into things without any planning.


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