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Card 1

Energy theme : Hexagram #30 Fire / Brightness : During the time of difficulties and uncertainty, onr should cling to one another so the btight can shine brightly. Be sincere and wholehearted, so one can distinguish between appropriate or inappropriate.

Do not take things for granted. Appreciate people around you who always there for you whether you aware or not aware, no matter how small their contribution. Stand firm. Have gratitude

To grow and transform, you will go through a pain process. Allow yourself to feel it even it is beyond your thought. Universe will back you up.

Health perspective : watch your digestion system  - stomach discomfort, bloatedness, your blood circulation - tingling or numb on your foot , pain around thigh, ankle, hips and waist and also your  heart arrhytmia.

If you have Ox or Snake in your Natal chart [ especially on Day and Hour, maybe you can find this resonates more with you ]

Your affirmation : I will not give up and always trust the vision and intuition with the help from Universe

Card 2

Energy theme : Hexagram #48 Well/Replenish, to help others you need, first, to help yourself. It is the source of life. Well will constinually refill although it is constantly used. Put everything negative aside. Bygones be bygones. Be flexible but have a focus.

Your true self has to remain true. Don't try to fit into someone shape just to please others. Give without expectation of restitution.

You have the power to dream and bring that dream to reality but do not underestimate  the signs that Universe try to show you. Have a re-evaluation on your plan and action. Move forward with confident and calculation.

Health perspective : make sure that you have a good quality sleep as if not it can lead to insomnia and mood swing as well as anger. Joint pain, backpain or carpal tunnel

If you have Geng or Wu in your Natal chart [ especially in your Year and Month, maybe you can find this resonates more with you]

Your affirmation : I will always will true to myself so I can rise up gorgeous and glorious

Card 3

Energy theme : Hexagram #56 Travelling, no attachment, keep on moving, make a necessary change  and development. Yes, there will be time of uncertainty and challenges but it also carves your growth and self-discovery.

Modify your perspectives. Disvover your own wisdom. Have a moment of truth to understand you and how to nourish yourself so your journey will be fruitful. To keep the fire burning so it can lead your way, you need know clearly the destination that you want to reach.

Health perspective : back pain, aching joins, muscles aches and pains, fatigue, eye irritation including eye twitching, sleep disorders including narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome

Your affirmation : I will nourish myself so I can see all the solution that I need .

Card 4

Energy theme : Hexagram #3  Beginning, when you embark to a new situation, you need to prepare yourself to face the obstacles and setbacks. Be persistentt, focus, and determine.

Have a faith to yourself although the light surround you seem more powerful. Acees your innate wisdom, intuition and conciousness to focus more on your end game. Be patience. Not about the ability to wait but more on the calmness no.matter what happens, take action to turn it to.positive growth and believe at the end everything will work out well.

Health prespective : be aware on body balance, vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, pelvic floor sisorder, and also arthritis, rheumatism, trench foot include here swelling, numbness.

Your affirmation : I am strong and I am capable to overcome the challenges that come to me


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