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"Without Strategy, Execution is aimless. Without Execution, Strategy is useless" ~ Morris Chang

Let's talk more on what you need to do, as almost half month has already passed, we now need to evaluate whether everything has already aligned with the initial plan of this month of wood.

As we mentioned before in our 2023 Qimen Forecasting, that the MVP for this year is the Life door and Ambassador star which means the energy of creating value and accumulating of assets are enormous. Assets here (again) can be in the form of experiences, events, moment, periods, education, skills, talents, ideas. Also the ability to reach an agreement on something that beneficial for us ( or both parties) is essential.

Now, please look at the below apps illustration by Show & Tell.

  1. The energy of this month is doubled..same like the perspective from Bazi where Jia together with the Tiger which all bring the Jia in its body. This Month's map is a Fu Yin - the indicator is the Open door and Heart Star are in NorthWest, once these 2 indicators are in NW, we can say the rest of the Doors and Stars also back to their original position, which means the energy is double, stronger and nothing change. What we can roughly feel here only is from the Deity and Elements placement.

  2. Let's see on the capital and resource, although looks like currently you have the capital and resources but you need to use it wisely, try to find where you can put the "funds" and resource well, do some research first before you make your move. Because what you hold right now won't be enough if you put it wrongly.

  3. Then for strategy and plan, try not to put your emotion when you deal with you business. See things from different perspective, yes, you still can observe, contemplate, and give a thought but it doesn't mean you can be totally stop doing it.

  4. The environment and market seemed on the move quite fast, exploration is unstoppable, but we need to have a "brake" just to have a fast gauge and judge on which direction actually we need to get. Be more niche and authentic, deploy a simple yet easy to apply method so easier for people to follow and continue. Have a good netting when you receive all the informations and also always display a real and genuine image or business proposal.

  5. Don't be avaricious and acquisitive, limit yourself, be moderate as the less is more and one extreme move can lead into misery. Focus more on the long term.

When you can exercise all above points, at least your starting point won't have a major obstruction. Fu Yin chart generally suggests not to make reckless and exaggerated move and with doubled elements in the wrong palace sometimes it can really lead to drastic and serious situation. Downward spiral, shattered situation, and deteriorating condition.

For the health matter, sleeping difficulty still will be number one concern this month, this includes all light-sleeper -- if you sleep 6 hours but your deep sleep is only 15-45 minutes or 1 hour, too much stimulation on the brain before sleeping also can cause this sleeping pattern, big intestine problem as well as the breathing, and nerves problem that lead to migraine, headache or even daytime fatigue.

Solution to this : don't touch your phone at least 1 hour before sleeping, do some writing ( not reading) with soft music, feel your own breathing pattern and follow the rhythm, drink hot chocolate milk or ginger tea.

We hope that you can have a great February!



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