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" Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under the thy of observation in life" ~Marcus Aurelius

Today let's talk more on the strategy on what you need to do based on Qimen Forecast for this Yi Rabbit month.

When we talk about forecast, it's the general outlook of this month's energy that maybe can resonate with us or maybe also not.

First, we can observe the "environment" by looking at the Stars in this Qimen Month chart. The stars travel quite far from their original palace that create the situation of being "countered/controlled" condition.

Take a very easy example on the North Palace the Hero Star which originally is in the South ( Fire) palace, now it travels to the "Water" environment. The "travel" itself means the situation, circumstances, and condition moves rapidly and at full tilt but it hasn't shown any positive sentiment as it still like trying to figure out what's happening, everything still in uncertainty.

This Hero Star tries to re-build the image by doing some research, testing, exploration, and observation while adapting and adjusting itself to be fit into this current environment.

Second, how about the Doors -- the actions? The Doors move even faster that the Stars, which means all of us have the tendency to react without planning because of afraid of left behind. Which actually what we see actually is not always what we get, we need to filter things out. We can evaluate this from the NorthEast and North where the Doors are in quite "positive" and "strong" here.

Both Scenery and Delusion ask us to watch and observe as everything looks good but we still need to look at our lists and plan.

Third, the problem that will arise this month is just because we are all too greedy to want it all that make us do things harshly, react without planning, put too high expectation towards others and feeling emotional whenever people point it out to us and think that they are not understand with our current condition

Can you follow us up to this point? Re -read again so you understand how we read this Month Chart before continuing the next information.

After knowing the overall situation, now we can try to identify smaller focus, such as creating value-wealth-profit. For this focus, we can see on the West where the Life Door ( Envoy) resides.

Inside this West Palace, we can read it like this : to create your wealth or value you need to have long-term objective by doing different approach, although maybe the result won't be significant ( in this case the earning maybe, the profit, the actual money) but you need to understand that small steps are the big steps.

To destruct an old way and build new it's not a work of magic, you need to have plan and persistence to reach there. Focus more on the details, do it on the daily basis, and don't get overconfident.

Let's try to read one more good palace for this month of March, it will be the South East palace with Moon Deity, Heart Star, Fear Door.

For this, we can have the information that to make everything aligned and favourable with us, we need to have plan, have the courage to make decision and do the necessary action that needed.

We also need to know how to conduct towards others, communicate well, always know how respond towards others, and refrain yourself on unnecessary comments.

This month, if you need to take out the capital to learn something new that can enrich yourself, do it by all means. Good things only then can come to you effortlessly.

With the overall reading as the general information, we hope now you at least know what you need to do this month.

On the Bazi perspective and this Qimen perspective, we can see that both ask us to be moderate, have a plan, we can be follow others but don't let ourselves become too swayed till we don't have our own principle and just follow blindly.

The situation and environment looks like move and change very fast but again not everything that we see is the actually happened. Give ourselves time to digest and plan forward, do a small steps at a time.

This reading has already "connected" with the I Ching Wisdom, so we do hope that this information can help us all to respond better so we can enjoy the process before closing it beautifully.


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