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Updated: May 31, 2023

"Strategic planning will help you fully uncover your available options, set priorities for them, and define the method to achieve them"~Robert J McCain

This May on the Chinese calendar system, we have Ding Snake on the pillar. This is the brightest pillar from the 60 Jia-Zi which allow us to initiate and develop a new "brand" image with a stronger character who are able to manage, entrust, and delegate things.

How about from the Qimen perspective? What strategy that we need to deploy so we can be nearer to our goals?

Let's see the overall chart to identify whether this May movement is a normal pace, fast or on the stagnation. For this May everything will move very fast, there will be sense of urgency or a need to act quickly where people may be trying to create an atrocious and appalling image, conception, perception, and impression because old way won't work anymore to drive progress forward.

Because of this reason, this month, it's better for us to to make an "investment" more on to enrich ourself to learn and to be more resourceful so we can act more consciously and with clear intention to navigate these fast-moving circumstances more effectively.

There will be opportunities if we are more receptive, prudent, and mindful on the information, statistic, and documentation related also the capacity to enhance and generate value, but it is not advisable to respond without implementing any plan or strategy as the "offer" can ax-to-grind, as the person making the offer may have their own interests in mind and not consider the needs of others.

To create something new or make improvements, we need to have the courage to break something down so the new and fresh things can come in but it is also important to maintain a clear and rational understanding reality in order make sound decision and avoid potential negative consequences for the long term purpose.

In short, this month, emphasize more on the importance of being thoughtful and strategic in decision-making when it comes to evaluating offers or opportunities that may seem promising but could have hidden drawbacks or negative consequences.

To take action is a must but it doesn't mean taking a big, bold steps. Sometimes small, incremental action can be just as important, and can help build momentum toward bigger changes or accomplishments. The key is to be consistent and persistent in our effort, and to stay focused on what we want to achieve.


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