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The “Qi” for this May on the environment now is getting stronger and lively, it starts to move, more opportunities to come, more choices to make.

On the contrary, we need to watch out for our actions, do more observation, and plan before making a move. Don't just follow the “emotion” but consider more the long-term planning. This month you’ve been asked to have more consistency and persistence if you have taken your decision and also understand that sometimes things can happen not according to our plan, it will route to a different path but still with the same end goals. Only that we tend to give up halfway without seeing a different perspective.

Make your foundation/plan stable and strong, accept the situation as it can be better when you can adjust your ego, do things one step at a time, and have a constant evaluation only then you can have more resources to help you to accomplish the goals.

If you realize, the “Qi” for this May is the same from three different perspectives -- IChing, BaZi, and QiMenDunJia-- we’ve been asked to have a little bit of patience to examine and identify the “changing” before taking the action.



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