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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

"knowledge is essential for effective management by enabling informed decision-making and identifying opportunities"

Time really flies. Now we are stepping into Month of June already and this time we will give an insight from Qimen perspective.

What strategy that we need apply for this month ?

Theoretically, this month movement not as fast as last month, but every doors paired with their own original stars which give us perspective that everything "double" or "multiplied" only that these pairs quality become a bit weak. These formation then offer us to be more looking inward to richen ourselves and transform t0 be better us before really galloping forward.

This month, if we would like to focus on creating value or accumulation of wealth, we need to have the ability to develop our strategy such as assess your existing assets which include physical assets, knowledge, experiences, intellectual property, and human capital. Conduct comprehensive analysis of your business's internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities.

We also must exercise discernment and carefully filter our actions to focus on what we really need to be done, while also knowing when to pause and really stop doing things that don't give any value for us so we can avoid unnecessary and unlucky endeavours.

All the stars and doors are mostly weaken this month except Open Door and Heart Star together with 2 good formations, yes, it's in DE and Graveyard formation, while all the other 7 Doors and Stars are mostly weaken.

Nevertheless, we still can say that opportunities for this month looks like quite promising as long as you able to utilise your knowledge to identify and capitalise it. We need to try to stay updated on the industry development, market trends, and emerging technologies. Be more critical to anticipate changes and seize opportunities lies in front us. It is crucial to have clear direction and strategic plan rather than wandering aimlessly or making random decisions.

Be aware of miscommunication with your network, colleague, partner, and employee just because of small and unnecessary thing. Practise written communication such as written email, formal documentation as it can be beneficial in maintaining clarity and objectivity, reducing the risk of misinterpretation, and also precise expression of ideas. Remove emotional reaction and do not take things personally also need to be exercised this month..

In short, this month emphasises more on building up knowledge, convey the importance of having a direction and structured plan instead of moving aimlessly and also know that to achieve success one need to know the appropriate timing for progress and being mindful when it's necessary temporarily halt or reassess actions.


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