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QIMEN for TODAY - 24 August 2022

"All the top achievers I know are life-long learners. Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they're not learning, they're not growing and not moving toward excellence."~ Denis Waitley

Today we will try to see the energy from Qimen an because today is Ji Rooster, we will focus on the NorthEast palace where the Ji ( Yin Earth) resides.

First, let see the Northeast palace; we know that Northeast represents Earth element with Gen gua - stability, security, appearance, looking great and majestic, calm, procrastinate, unmoving, inflexible, slow, money, financial gains, assets. When we talk about people it can represent young man, real estate agent, banker, business man, famous people, idol. It also represent the nose, the back, spleen and stomach if we relate it to health matter.

Today, this Northeast occupied by Grain star, Rest Door with White Tiger Deity and Ji-Bing-Ren stems. We need to develop a strong discipline, observe and study the situation, review, assess and analyse your plan and initial objective, enrich and invest yourself through education, training, courses, so then later if the time is right, you can impoverished the way.

Ask help (when needed) from your inner circle, people that you trust that can give you direct and honest inputs as well as critics so the goals can be achieved. But before you asking their opinion, you have to have you principle, so you can have comparison and can detect and distinguish better.

From the health perspective, looks like today you need to be careful on stomach related, indigestion as well as blood related problem ( blood pressure which can lead to poor circulation ( heaviness on the leg, pelvic discomfort, swollen leg that leads to swollen veins, etc) , blood sugar). Maybe just for today you can control yourself to consume moderate level of spicy and fatty food, skip alcohol for the day and avoid drink coffee with empty stomach. Also if you originally have the back pain or muscle aching (burning or stabbing sensation), try to have 15-20 minutes relaxation when you are doing your work by standing or walking.

The good news (or can be bad as well-- depends on how we see it) that the Northeast box currently is in the DE, meaning everything good can be half good and everything bad can be half bad. It only tells us that do things moderately for today, sometimes it is better to do one thing exceptionally well rather than try to do all things but achieve nothing.


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