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Yesterday, we started our journey to explore the Open and Life Door. Today, let's focus on the Harmony Deity, the guiding Grain Star, and the Geng Stem.

Here's a secret to get deeper insights: if your Destiny Palace aligns with these palaces, you can connect the dots with your Qimen Destiny Chart for a well-rounded perspective.


Now, let's talk about the "Harmony Deity." People are essential in our lives – they help us grow and take us far. Building strong, lasting connections is crucial. In this month, remember to document things. Having a record ensures you have the right proof and support to navigate challenges.

Effective communication involves not just speaking but also listening carefully. To avoid misunderstandings, practice active listening. Avoid the "let it be" attitude, as changing it later can be tough.


Let's discuss the "GRAIN STAR" in the Qimen reading. It's linked to health. With its alignment with the Death door, the Earth element is dominant this month, affecting Wood and Water elements.

For your health, keep an eye on your gastrointestinal region, small intestines, reproductive health, and sleep quality. Neglect in these areas can impact your large intestines and nervous system if you don't manage your diet and exercise well.


Now, Geng shares the same position as the Grain star. This palace might be facing challenges.

Think beyond health. This November, say goodbye to toxicity and things holding you back. Reevaluate your goals and eliminate old elements in your life. Make way for new growth by shedding what's hindering you.

That's our November 2023 reading. We hope this insight helps you plan better. Remember, your actions today shape who you become, so make each day count!


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