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"Be more confident in your own decision. Stop looking for people's approval for everything. Live your life to the fullest"

This month is a Yi Rabbit and it still a special month as it carries pure Wood element but this time we have different character of wood. This wood element, we can visualise it like a small plant with various colours, gives a fresh smell, looks pretty and adorable. That's also become the reason why this Rabbit is one of the 4 Peach Blossoms.

Although it will carry different type of attractiveness but it will still look stunning and captivating for those who look at it.

This Yi Rabbit has the networking, planning, and sociable characteristic. Its ability to mingle and be diplomatic in any situation, play hard and work hard type really can make this Yi Rabbit stands out in the crowd.

With all the strengths, there are also some weaknesses that this Yi Rabbit needs to be aware of.

First, its flexibility and adaptability which sometimes can create uncertainty and scepticism. Second, the portray of good-nature, pleasant, and lovable sometimes it can project its vulnerability and insecurity.

So, with all this information, looks like this month we need to be able to broaden our network, plan what we need to do, have a firm principle on how you want the plan to be executed, and sort out the list from the most important to the least important - make it a habit that you can only do max 3 things in a row, more than these, what you achieve won't be maximal.

We can listen to any information that comes to us but filter it well, choose the things that aligned with our plan, don't be too greedy to take it all.

Once you can manage to sort thing all things out, you can and will see the progress soon enough.

Now, Let's talk about theory and technical on this Yi Rabbit with its H2CDP ( Harm Clash Combination Destruction and Punishment)*

*Show & Tell will have the Ba Zi Mastery class this April, minimum requirements : 5 Elements, H2CDP and COWIR (Companion Output Wealth Influence Resource)

Rabbit will attract Dog to combine into Fire and this Dog carries Wu Earth which is the Wealth element for this Yi Rabbit. This situation can build the stability and firmness for the Rabbit. With the Fire storage in Dog and also the combination will form into Fire, this Yi Rabbit suppose to have the ability to create, innovate, design and fabricate something new and fresh.

Rabbit will create changes when meets with Rooster, what kind of changes, whether it pains or not, it really depends. The more you try to resist, the more painful you will feel. Growth and Change both equally painful actually.

This Rooster will carry the Influence for the Rabbit especially on decision making, be more decisive, influential, confident and have courage to voice out what you think it's right for instant.

Rabbit when meet with the Rat there will be the feeling of "forcing", do things that you don't want to do. Traditionally, when these 2 Branches meet it will create Uncivilised Punishment but we cannot every time link it with rape or sexual literally.

But, we can link it to the situation where we don't have the power to against or fight it, isn't it better to think like this ? So, how to mitigate this? Because now, you've already aware, you can draw a line or set the boundary to your self so the impact will not be too hurtful. Because Rat carry the Resource, you need to learn to be more independent, don't be too attached with situation or even people.

There are 3 others relationship that can be formed with this Yi Rabbit, try to analyse and write what thing that you need to be aware of regarding these.

Also you can see where you have these Branches in your Destiny Chart as every pillar will give you different information that you need to put your focus on.

That's all for now!


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