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We have covered November Rain month based on the Bazi last week, so after knowing what is on your plate, now you can try to plan your steps and start "attacking".

This month Qimen chart starts from 7 November - 6 December 2022 and if you observe the elements are in the Fan Yin position, as well as the Stars. So what we can deduce from this Fan Yin position? We can say that this month looks like things can be different from what you have expected.

Fan Yin in the layman term means the position are reversed, for example : The Heart originally in the Northwest palace but this November it positioned at the Southeast, so it also. means the Assistant star which originally in Southeast will be positioned at the Northwest.

(** for this you need to at least put an effort to memorise all stars position OR just memorise on the Heart star, it should be in NW, so if its in SE, confirmed the Stars are in Fan Yin position).

Now, we want you to focus on Stars. Usually this stars will represent the environment, the condition.

  1. You need to know what are the stars element, find this from its original position

  2. when these stars are reversed, which one is the weak (meaning it need to produce or counter the palace -- it's like you come to the house but you need to prepare gifts to the owner of the house or you come and want to attack the owner of the house) and which one is the strongest ( meaning it will be produced by the palace -- it's same like you come to visit, you will be served and given a lot of things that make you happy)

In this November , the weak stars will be Destructor in West, Assistant in Northwest, Hero in North. Overall reading that we can summarise for this month : we need to have new strategy if we want to build our brand image by learning, planning, exploring new things and empower our experiences and knowledge.

While on the action which represents by the Doors, the movement this November we can say a little bit slower, the reason is maybe it's almost end of year, people will wait and observe on what is going on before taking any decision. Another pointer that we can look at is the door move only 1 step from the original.

In this point-- on general reading--we can observe that we need to have a long term planning instead of short term, focus on what we can give on the big scale, not only what you can see in front of your eyes, filter all the information that you will receives, find what is your priority and importance.

(** Show & Tell purposely made icons for every components for Qimen reading, so you can think and create story by seeing the icons represented here -- sometimes the definition of the components will limit our thinking, but by visualising, you can use your own words because a picture is worth a thousand words)

We can also read this strategy by the focus point instead of general "movement". So, let's just say your focus is on the Wealth aspect whether its as business or working people.

For Business : you just focus where is the Life Door, Wu earth as the capital, Scenery Door as the market trend and the Earth Deity for the Resource

For Working people : you need to focus where is the Open Door

To make the reading more detailed, you can also refer to your own Destiny chart just to see what is your general outlook on this focus point ( the Wealth aspect) so you can respond better,

Another point that you can add on your reading is the Hexagram as the Wisdom aspect, it will help you more on your perspective in seeing or evaluating thing.

We will try to give you a full reading [the all components and the I Ching Hexagram as well] on one palace for example and we will read the East palace in this November:

you need to make yourself open for all the information, facts, particulars but you also need to have the ability to filter them out as we have tendency to listen more on the redundant information that will create misfortune or something bad that can cost your resource. Check on your paperwork, contract and document handling, avoid disputes and disagreement with others. Because Earth deity can represent resource -- this can include your staffs, "money", products, information, materials and other assets.

In wisdom perspective, this November, if you are the owner/leader/employer treats your staffs/end-users/customers like you want to be treated. But if you are a staff/follower, you also need to what is your employer wants and do it accordingly but if you are really unable and need another helping hand just inform, so the "communication" more effective and what the objectives of the company/business can be achieved.

After reading the East Palace as this East is your focus on Wealth, then you can refer to your Destiny chart to see where is your Life Door is just to give you general reading when deal with Wealth/business. [ This is only first layer on the reading, but this alone already will give you quite big picture on what you need to do]

We hope by now you can read what is in front of you, To read all the tools in Chinese Metaphysics or even Western Astrology, first you need to know what you need to focus, then read the component that related to your focus and connect it to create the whole full story.



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