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Na Jia system, this system is also known as Wen Wang Ba Gua where uses the 10 Stems inverted into the 8 Trigrams and then later can assign them to the 6 lines on the hexagram.

To arrange and memorize the arrangement, we can just simply put it into a Family arrangement.

Yang Stems means the Stems that carry Yin Qi ( the planner, the yielding, nurturing, power to stop), so in total of 10 Stems available, we only take the Yin into this category which is

• YI (Yin Wood)-- the Mother, because the Yi is the 'sister' /partner of the Yang wood, the sequence follows

• DING(Yin Fire) -- the youngest daughter -- happy go lucky type of characteristic

• JI (Yin Earth) -- the middle daughter -- the "absorb" and observe type

• XIN (Yin Metal) -- the eldest daughter -- the perfectionist and precise type and

• GUI (Yin Water) follow the Yi; the Mother

Then, we have also had to find the Yin Trigrams in the whole 8 Trigrams available by acknowledging the trigram which has only one broken line available: XUN, Li and DUI plus one special trigram which has all three broken lines all together in a trigram which is the KUN ( the mother).

This trigram arrangement is always a bottom-up, meaning the line on the bottom is the first line formed, follow by the middle and lastly the upper.

So, if you find the only one broken line positioned at the bottom, it can also mean ( for easy memorizing) the first daughter. The only one broken line is in the second line means the second daughter, the only one broken line is on the top line means the youngest daughter.

After we assigned all the Yang Stems with the Yang Trigrams now we have the complete arrangement that:

• Yi (Gui) and trigram Kun are the Mother

• Xin and trigram Xun are the eldest daughter

• Ji and trigram Li are the middle daughter

• Ding and trigram Dui are the youngest daughter

This Formation you can find usually in the traditional complete formation (shown on the last image below). This Na Jia Formation also used in manual plotting for IChing Bazi and XKDG.


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