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"Balance is the key to everything. What we do, say, think, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow"~Koi Fresco

We have officially entered the Gui Rabbit and this is the first month of the year, the Jia Tiger with the Hexagram #63 Accomplished.

With this Jia Tiger as the starting point and one of leader from the whole 6 Jia Leader, this energy of this group usually very appreciate the networking, making contacts, working together, give and take, interchange and intercommunication to brainstorm, conceptualise, create and invent new ideas so later it can create their own opportunities, chances, good times and moments.

Technically, we can also say that this Jia Tiger group mostly has the pure energy except for Tiger 3 Harmony's friends which are Wu Horse and Ren Dog plus a Bing Dragon.

When we talk about group, means it has followers/soldiers, so which pillars that under this Jia Tiger? To make you easier to memorise, here is the basic :

  • the Element (Stems) must starts with Jia ( which is the Leader) and with the production cycle come into mind: Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal-Water, with the Yin Yang for every elements, it will end with Gui as the last soldier

  • As for the Branches ( Animals Sign) : it will create Destruction between the first and the last, so for this, no other way -- you need to memorise the "relationship". So, because Tiger have Destruction relationship with Pig, the last soldier Gui will accompany by the Pig.

  • And because the Elements ( Stems) only 10 and Animals Sign ( Branches) have 12, so the 2 Branches that come after (in this case) Pig - which is Rat and Ox - won't have any "friend" to accompany them and we call these 2 as your Death & Emptiness for this Jia Group.

** These are all basic requirements ( five element, production cycle, C.O.W.I.R, H2CDP) that you have to acquire especially if you need to attend the application class very soon with Show & Tell**

Almost whole this 2023, we can feel that everything will be doubled and repeated, so if don't allow ourselves to be grounded, back to basic and remember our roots, we will eventually lost a lot of things. Make yourself more human, aware on what is your root cause rather than focus only on the symptoms, do your daily activities, be mindful that you are live your life at the present time, and just stay being you.

So, what we need to do and focus on this February?

If we talk about the Element and 10 Gods : the Wood element is super strong and this wood for the Gui Rabbit Year is the "products", ideas, plans, schemes that you can persuade someone to accept by presenting and displaying it very well. On the shifting perspective, it's also time to put the previous experiences, episodes and encounters into the pictures so that the same mistakes or errors won't be repeated.

By doing this with a little bit of consistency and courage , we can gain the "wealth" that we need to acquire.

This also explains when we look at the Shen Sha method when read this Tiger. It holds the Golden Carriage -- in our previous webinar we called this Tiger as one of the Money Magnet. Basically, it is easy month to collect and gather wealth including here resources, experiences, assets or even funds.

The next question is which pillars that will have the effect with this Jia Tiger month?

If we talk about changes, we can refer to Geng Monkey where this Pillar is the "perseverance" pillar for this Jia Tiger but also means you definitely will get what you have already had in your plan once you can put your time, attention, and importance totally to this.

If we talk about the combination of power and energy, we can refer to Ji Pig where this combination can build up your management and opportunity-seek by using the resource and network that you have.

Little BUT here, we usually don't really fond of the "combination" as we need to know whether this level up energy needed or not.

From the I Ching Perspective, as mentioned before, this Jia Tiger attached with Hexagram #63 Accomplished [Kan over Li -- Water over Fire] which means everything seems like in the correct and central position, everything is in balance but with this balance, it cannot continue by itself. We still need to keep our attention to it, so the water on the top won't spill just because the fire suddenly become big.

We still need to work on details, be conscientious, don't relax too fast just because you think everything has already good because now you've already in the different level game.


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