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Monday Weekly IChing Wisdom : Hexagram 11

Last week, Hexagram 32 encouraged us to embrace persistence and endurance, promoting stability and helping us manifest our goals.

This period may have also led to misunderstandings in relationships and communication.

This week, we transition to Hexagram 11 from Hexagram 32, which heralds a period of harmony and peace after overcoming those challenges after taking more than 40 steps to reach this moment.

1. During times of peace and harmony, it is crucial to take advantage of the favorable conditions to grow and expand in personal, professional, or spiritual domains. This could mean starting new projects, expanding your network, or investing in learning.

2. This is an opportune moment to strengthen relationships and build new connections. Acts of kindness and cooperation can extend the period of harmony, influencing not just your own environment but also encouraging others to adopt a similar approach.

3. Utilize this peaceful period to prepare for potential future challenges. Strengthening your foundations now ensures you are well-prepared to maintain stability when the next cycle of change occurs.

Reaching this state of unity will require flexibility and a willingness to set aside ego.

Embrace adaptability and humility; otherwise, the potential for peace could quickly shift into Hexagram 12, which symbolizes stagnation and discord brought on by ego, selfishness, disrespect, and pride.

To fully step into the harmony of Hexagram 11 this week, it is crucial to cultivate openness and cooperation.

Have a fabulous day, stay healthy & happy !

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Monday Weekly IChing Wisdom : Hexagram 11


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Hexagram 32, "Duration," from the I Ching, emphasizes perseverance and consistency. It advises maintaining steady progress and commitment over time, avoiding sudden changes or impulsiveness. 𝑾𝒉𝒊𝒍�


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