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What do you need to prepare for the second half of May 2022?

Now, we are footing in the Kan ( Water) Trigram on the upper hexagram and it starts with the adjustment of the planning, seeing the bigger picture, and don't try to make our negative perspectives and views obstruct the progress. Try to filter what is priority and important.

Now slowly but surely everything becomes ready. We have gone through different steps of “waiting” preparing where it should be, designing what to do and how to do it. Although one is in the safest situation, one still should wait in a calm and unhurried manner, really just sit down and take the opportunity to catch one’s breath until the very moment that departure time arrives.

In the end, we have made a lot of preparation and waited for the most appropriate time to carry out our plans. But still, one needs to bear in mind that not everything goes as planned, the unexpected situation may happen but stay patient, have a positive attitude, acceptance, as no problem cannot be solved, and the end will always be good.


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