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What do you need to prepare for the first half of May 2022?

You need to prepare yourself as there will be quite a lot of movement to be made already but still not clear on the overall ideas of the future, so won't be necessary to sacrifice the present for the future yet to be seen. Just acknowledge and understand what you need to do but be sure it's been taken care of, we just need to wait until the right moment to come.

There may be a little bit of an unfavorable and disturbing situation; gossip, rumors, and issues, that don't need to make one feel uneasy, patience is necessary, no need to act rashly. Perceive change in surrounding before the time arrives.

The third line now moves closer to the upper gua, where the water starts to flow in front of us. When one moves closer to the dangerous situation, extra caution should be exercised.

The situation gets worse but also it doesn't mean we need to directly jump into the water and escalate the situation. Do not move hastily but wait and watch the development of the problem carefully.


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