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Bazi Perspective for May 2022

This May we have Yi Wood Snake, Yi itself is a flexible, survival, social network brilliance, and planner type of element. It will flourish well and beautifully when the condition and environment are correct.

Then this Yi sitting on the Bing which actually will also give “growth” to this Yi to become more adaptive and able to grow even more.

So, if we want to “project” it into the current situation, we can say that this month's energy makes people more vocal in expressing their opinions, more vulgar in words to do marketing, become more attention seekers, and also quite rebel in raising discontentment.

The ability to examine the opportunities thoroughly also becomes quite a persistence. Try to see from every perspective in their approach so they can gain the advantages and values.

The strategies that you need to plan for this month are :

you need to try to use your words wisely and learn from other people’s experiences before responding to any situation.

Think more about the long-term plan rather than the short-term and try to make a systematic and orderly approach to doing things.


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