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MARCH : Rabbit Meets Rooster

March 2022 when Rabbit meets Rooster.

There are 4 cardinals ( strongest energy among the 12 animal signs) and these 4 cardinals are also called Peach Blossom stars.

Rabbit and Rooster are two among the four and usually, when these four meet up, it will create a change, destructive and feeling of infliction as retribution for an offence.

Rooster is the animal sign which brings the pure Metal energy -- the Xin -- they can enjoy life, love to be the center of attraction, like to be flattered, sensitive, creative, and imaginative, physical appearance and image are important to them, cannot handle stress well, moody and greedy.

And Rabbit on the other hand bring the pure Wood energy -- the Yi--they are charming and elegant, have the diplomatic proficiency which can diffuse an argument, adaptive, emotional & temperamental, sociable.

So, when they meet, we called it Clash where metal counter wood. Clash is a change that is obvious & can be seen physically such as a change in a job include here move department or even a change in the job description, accident, divorce, marriage, sickness, etc.

Every change whether it's a positive change or negative, we will have uncomfortable feelings at first.

[If Rooster accompanied by Metal Stems]

You need to acknowledge the opportunities you have in front of you, don't wait for people to offer it to you but you need to go and grab it.

[If Rooster accompanied by Earth Stems]

Don't wait till it perfect as if you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.

[If Rooster accompanied by Fire Stems]

Learn about finance and observe the market trend so you can implement it directly to create your own net worth.

[If Rooster accompanied by Wood Stems]

Have the discipline to execute whatever you have planned consistently.

[If Rooster accompanied by Water Stems]

Learn from others' experiences, be more detailed on data, and document so can produce more ideas and innovate better.

Overall reading on the health matter: be aware of your food intake so it won't affect your liver, foot, or knee or sleeping pattern even the allergic condition because your immune system is a bit low for this month.

For Rooster : when you let others shine, you will be surprised how much you can learn from them


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