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MARCH : Rabbit Meets Rat

March 2022 when Rabbit meets Rat .

There are 4 cardinals ( strongest energy among the 12 animal signs) and these 4 cardinals are also called Peach Blossom stars.

Rabbit and Rat are two among the four and usually, when these four meet up, it will create a change, destructive and feeling of infliction as retribution for an offence.

Rabbit is the quite special animal sign, rat brings water element, the Gui but accompanied by the Ren on the stems. [Usually, the 12 earthly branches in Chinese Metaphysics always have Yang-Yang or Yin-Yin formation, but only 4 branches that can bring Yin-Yang or Yang-Yin formation which always includes the Water and Fire elements]. So, we can say that Rat is the master of communication, full of ideas, the planner and plotter, party-popper, talk more with selective in listening, and like to be in control.

And Rabbit on the other hand likes to play the damsel in distress -- help me, assist me -- so when this Rabbit and Rat meet together they will create a situation called Uncivilized Punishment.

This Uncivilized Punishment mostly relates to the relationship factor--unhealthy desires, betrayal, deception, harassment, unable to control emotion, and usually all these are related to physical.

This is monthly energy, so if you have Rat in your Bazi Chart don't just jump to a conclusion, there is still a lot of things to look into, just be aware.


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