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March 2022 - Bazi Reading (WU JI)

March 2022 Bazi Perspective for Earth Heavenly Stems ( Wu - Ji).

Wu & Ji ( there is no “soil” icon ) are the 2 elements that can be quite busy this year in overall look and February-March and the last quarter in particular.

When we talk about theory -production cycle- the element that one can control is called Wealth ( and usually for “wealth” term, the easiest thing that we can relate to is financial-asset-networth-value).

Most people when seeing Wealth ( the term) will be happy but they didn't aware of the real meaning -- when you want to be in charge of something, you need to understand first whether you have the right amount of “ammunition” so you can achieve what you’ve already kept your eye on and this also means you will be busy planning and attacking. Think about it!

Now back to Wu and Ji, because in production cycle theory -- Earth control Water, this March, Wu, and Ji need to be able to strengthen their discipline in finance aspects -- especially for Wu -- on how to manage their financial habit, maybe can start with a simple check-up weekly on your expenses for example. Consistency is the keyword.

As for Ji, open your eyes to see more opportunities that can add up your “value” and learn how to find better options to solve your monetary but stay reasonable and not materialistic.


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