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March 2022 - Bazi Reading (REN GUI)

March 2022 Bazi Perspective for Water Heavenly Stems (Ren - Gui)

Hello, Foes and Allies!

This March you have to be able to make a connection--keep your friends close, and your enemies closer -- is the best quote for Ren . It's a two ways aspect which means you can learn from your foes, with the same materials/modules/contents, you can wrap it better, sprinkle it with extra fresh “spices” before presenting it nicely and because it two ways thing, it also means your foes also can do the same.

Have a brainstorming moment, gather your allies that have the same ideas and visions, and make it evolve into something distinctive. Creating your niche and making it grow is the right focus for all the Gui this March.


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