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March 2022 - Bazi Reading (GENG XIN)

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

March 2022 Bazi Perspective for Metal Heavenly Stems ( Geng - Xin)

If Wu and Ji are the elements that can be quite busy because the March represents “Wealth” for them, these Geng and Xin stems will see the March as the opportunity to spread their wings, display what they are capable of, polish the old ideas so can be fit into the current market and monetize it.

Especially for Xin, give it a try first, don't wait for everything to be perfect, the sooner you try, the faster you can amend the flaws. You still (of course) need to do the preparation and strengthen the strategy, only that don't wait till 100% as Xin usually tends to do things flawlessly.

And for Geng, take your time to shine, show people what you have prepared, your skills, knowledge, talents, just step out from your comfort zone and conquer the stage. When you are already in the spotlight, stay calm, have self-restraint, and be aware of what you said.


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