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March 2022 - Bazi Reading (BING DING)

March 2022 Bazi Perspective for Fire Heavenly Stems ( Bing - Ding)

Bing and Ding this month needs a little bit of patience, think before making a decision. For Bing, example last month was very aggressive, and dare to take excessive risk, what needs to be done for sure will be done anyway with the principle of doing it my way or no way.

But this month Bing will be a bit more gentle, he/she knows that need to be addressed and display so more people can follow and help him/her willingly.

And a little bit different story for Ding, people who have Ding in the heavenly stems need to be in moderation this March. Ding is the sign of enthusiasm, warmth, and brightness, it’s alive and potent but often destructive. You will be a bit sensitive and easily get agitated with your surroundings so you need to have a little bit of calmness this month.

Try to filter all the information that comes in, observe the condition, learn from experiences, ask others' opinions if necessary so can have a better solution.

Don't only follow solely on your emotions and proceed recklessly but develop more on your intuition and wisdom to have a better solution.


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