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"Growth is never by mere chance. It is the result of the forces working together"

Let's continue our description on the Jia for today reading...

Jia Horse : elementally, this Jia sits on the Ding Fire and Ji Earth energy. From 4 Cardinal Group only this Horse has 2 elements present, the reason because only Ding Fire - such as candle, camp fire, or bushfires - that will be reduced into ashes, create another form after being burned.

Fire is the one and only element that need another substance to make it stronger and bigger, it cannot exist on its own. When the fire stay in one place too long it will decrease its energy that's also the reason why it need to keep moving. Fire not only represents the bright that can light up the way and enlighten but it also can burn and destroy ourself if we aren't wise enough to use this energy.

In 10 Gods terms, this Ding Fire represents Hurting Officer and Ji Earth represents Direct Wealth. Hurting Officer loves to display what they are good at, to make acknowledgement, to gain others' recognition by delivering the message, communication verbally or non verbally, exposition, demonstration. Direct Wealth on the other hand is more manageable, focus only on what important to create value.

Ding fire energy in reality process it won't produce a wood - in this case the Jia- it different thing when we talk about Bing fire (the sun). Wood - the Jia- actually need to be cut so that the Ding fire can exist, so the Jia character will be reduced in order to make the Ding more visible. So, this Jia Horse is the the charismatic one, the leadership hidden within.

*For the physical appearance to make this Jia Horse looks stunning and charming, one should have a tall and lean figure, with bright and mesmerising eyes and very attractive body language.

Jia Monkey : this combination makes the Jia become more useful, more determined, focus and beneficial in different form. With the Geng Metal that carried by the monkey together with the Wu Earth and Ren Water, it will shape this Jia.

From these 6 Jia, maybe we can say that the Jia Monkey is the one and only Jia who has the clear focus and more determined.

In 10 Gods terms, this Geng Metal will be the 7-Killings accompany by Indirect Wealth and Indirect Resource, Wu Earth and Ren water, respectively. This 7-Killings will give this Jia courage focus, ability to solve problem and make decision fast when the opportunities come while having the observation on the what is going on in the market/environment.

Jia, in the visualisation is like a big tree with a lot of branches . so sometimes cut needed to improve the restoration and renewable resources, so can grow better and fresher.

Jia Dog : elementally, this Jia the main Qi will be same like Jia Dragon but the side Qi will be different. This Jia Dog has Ding Fire and Xin Metal energy to accompany the Wu earth which is more stable cycle compare to the Jia Dragon as Fire produces Earth and Earth produces Metal in the Five element Cycle. But, the cycles itself will drain out the Jia as there won't be any water to keep this wood a little bit "moist". That's why this Jia Dog sometimes very easy to get agitated and can "bark" back when things not in their way.

From the 10 Gods perspective, this Jia Dog is sitting on Indirect Wealth and accompanied by Hurting Officer and Direct Officer. Indirect Wealth is the opportunities of creating value that not routine based and it can be worked out only when this Jia has the endurance and dedication to deliver and display what this Jia capable of.

We have finished talking about the Jia, For now, you still can read per pillar but don't layer it up first, as there is a lot of things that you need to count in the reading. So for example if the Jia Tiger is in your Day, just read it as your main personality when you have the interaction with your spouse/partner/someone you love and care but don't try to make conclusion because you still need to see other things later on.


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