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"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still" ~Chinese Proverb

In Bazi 60 Pillar, every 5 Yang element or Heavenly Stems ( Jia-Bing-Wu-Geng-Ren) will be accompanied by 6 Yang animals sign or Earthly Branches ( Rat-Tiger-Dragon-Horse-Monkey-Dog), so in total we will have 30 Yang-Yang formation.

In this 6 Yang animals or Earthly Branches, only 2 animals that will carry Yin element, Rat and Horse which carry Gui and Ding (Ji), respectively.

Let's see how this Jia "appearance" and traits will be different when it sits on different element which will bring different energy.

Jia Rat : elementally, this Jia sits on Gui Water energy. Gui water will nurture and "moist" the Jia so it can stay fresh and grow at its maximum. Gui water is the sign of mysterious, wisdom and knowledge among the 10 elements, at the same time, however it is also an element that have a temperamental, emotional, sensitive and impatient traits.

In 10 Gods terms, this Gui water acts as Direct Resource; the ability to learn, knowledgeable, and observant.

Rat is the first animal in Earthly Branches and Jia is the leader of the 10 element, so when these 2 combine together the sense of self-important, condescending and pretentious is quite above average.

Jia Tiger : we will see a "woods" here, as Tiger brings the Jia wood as the main energy, Bing fire and Wu earth "supplementary" energy. Jia wood as the leader of the other 10 elements has the protective, reliable, loyal traits but also because of these leadership traits sometimes my way or highway attitude will be implemented, firm and inflexible. Bing fire will give a foresight and anticipation, expand and broad mind. Wu earth will give this Jia the ability to inspire and create opportunities either for itself or others.

In 10 Gods terms, Jia Tiger sits on Companion as the main energy which means it can mingle and connect well with others especially with people who has same vision, on the flip side, when this Jia thinks and expects everyone has same level or ability which actually not, it can trigger its anger management. Beside Companion, it also has Eating God and Indirect Wealth, can enjoy life, full of ideas and creating opportunities, gives motivation towards others.

Jia Dragon : sits on the Wu earth, elementally, it give the Jia charismatic look and appearance, straightforward, consciousness and cognition and on the negative traits; immovable, adamant, determined, lazy and procrastinate will also be sensed from this Jia Dragon. You can imagine a big tree grows on the mountain. Luckily, this Jia Dragon still bring small amount of Gui water and Yi wood which still can give a "fresh" feeling.

In 10 Gods terms, this Jia Dragon sits on Indirect Wealth as the main energy; because this Indirect Wealth attached with the Wu earth which represents the accumulation of facts, information, and skills acquired through experiences and/or education, theoretical or practical, it can give a steady, stable and secure feeling for the people around and motivate people to aim their purpose although the movement maybe not that fast. This Jia also will learn continuously from its competitor as well as friend's network quite discreetly by becoming good listener or just observing -- Gui water and Yi wood, Direct Resource and Rob Wealth, respectively.

... to be continued


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