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Imperfection is perfection, there is really no such things as perfect. What we can create everyday is striving to beat the last of our best.

Today is 22 February - 22022023, very unique date with a lot of 2(s) with XIN HAI in the Day Pillar, Receive Day Officer and Hexagram #8 Alliance

The XIN HAI is the crème de la crème pillar.

Xin alone represents elegance, well-groomed, perfection, decent, and exquisiteness, with the companionship of Pig which brings the Ren Water and Jia Wood -- the Hurting Officer and Direct Wealth, respectively-- this Xin becomes more outstanding with its outgoing, creative, firm conviction, persuasive, intelligence, and also ability to manage things to be in its favour.

On the side, this Xin also brings the arrogance, self-importance, high ego and gratification which sometimes can lead to "I don't care about others, as long as I'm okay and good" kinda of feeling. Same goes with its Ren Water- Hurting Officer which also can bring negative traits such as sumptuous, posh and lavish lifestyle where can lead this Xin Hai people to a "shopaholic" also above-board, bold and blunt when expresses its feeling toward others.

So, if you have this Xin Hai as your Day Master, you can "evaluate" what things that you need to "adjust" so it can become balance. Of course, you need to see other pillars as well, as Ba Zi is not a reading only based on one pillar alone.

Instant example, if you are born in the month of September especially after 7 September and/or 5PM-7PM time, looks like you need to calibrate your expense more on the self-growth such as skills, talents, creativities more rather than only to upgrade on your physical appearance.

On The Number

Let's see also on today's number which is quite unique and full of 2. Number 22 in numerology is a master number where usually has stronger energy than the single digit number of 2. This Number represents never doubt yourself, you are already in the right path and if we break down into single digit ( 2 and 4) it can represents cooperation, trust, team work, harmony, foundation, patience, practical, and systematic

The message for today is to strengthen your ability to be more balance, be adaptable, have sensitivity toward others and have a diplomatic communication so then you can receive the "reward" that you need.

For example, today you will ask for a raise , looks like today is good day to do it because the Day Officer for today is RECEIVE day.

So, because you've already known today's information, before asking, make sure you've prepared things on your side : what can you offer, how do you deliver your intention so the message delivered well to your boss, when is the best time to talk.

We hope this information beneficial for you to spend your day fruitfully.


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