Zhen Gua has 1 YANG line as the foundation and 2 YIN lines on the top. The YANG line intends to break open suddenly and violently against the YIN pressure — explosion of the YANG energy, so the image its like thunder and lightning.

Thunder symbolizes strong force and momentum that connect the heaven and earth as well as dynamic movement and vitality. It can awaken one from lala-land and fantasy. It can also can direct one to align back oneself.

When talks about Sector and Direction it is on the EAST and represents the numbers of 4 on Early Heaven Bagua and 3 on Later Heaven Bagua.

The East in 5 Element system also represents Wood ; sign of growth, vitality, kindness, upright, strong.

Looking at the people perspective, it represents first son, people who initiate things, sportsmen, police officer.

This Zhen Trigram also associated with foot, knee, toes, legs (from waist down) liver, gallbladder and also anger and moody emotion when we talk about Health related problem.


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