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Li Gua has 1 YIN line between 2 YANG lines. The YIN line in the center represents the fundamental of rules and regulation while the two YANG represent the discovery of interest to create something and build that enthusiasm and momentum without forgetting the basic rules and principles.

The energy that brought by fire is instantaneous and powerful that one need to remember that it cannot be reversed once it’s been applied, that’s why the basic fundamental and principle need to be set.

When talks about Sector and Direction it is on the SOUTH and represents the numbers of 3 on Early Heaven Bagua and 9 on Later Heaven Bagua.

The South in 5 Element system also represents Fire, you can imagine the brightest light like a sun or flammable solid subtance that provides light like candle. The characteristics : beautiful, glamorous, passionate, intelligent, creative, moody, imaginative, instantaneous.

Looking at the people perspective, it represents middle age women, middle daughter, free spirited people, beautiful, attractive and good-loking people.

This Li Trigram also associated with heart, eye, blood pressure, fever, inflammation and also joyous, happiness emotion when we talk about Health related problem.

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