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Kun Gua has the 3 YIN lines, this YIN line symbolizes consistency and steady force to accomplish the tasks— power to finish. The YIN also represents concrete rules and regulations that one should follow so that can reach the destination in time.

It is very important when one wants to study IChing, one only need to understand fully of the concept of this Yin and Yang—the harmony cycle which complete one another, that cannot accomplish solely with Yang or Yin.

The Earth represents Mother character - giving, yielding, nourishing. The Earth is the place where all the Heavenly potential born, perseverance and endurance to execute and develop the goals to be accomplished, source of vitality, nourishment.

When talks about Sector and Direction it is on the SOUTHWEST and represents the numbers of 8 on Early Heaven Bagua and 2 on Later Heaven Bagua.

The Southwest in 5 Element system also represents Earth ; and this type of Earth displays receptive, submissive, intuitively knows when to stop, passive character, absorption, nourishment

Looking at the people perspective, it represents mother, older women, pregnant women.

This Kun Trigram associates with gastrointestinal, stomach, belly, women’s problem in particular and self-doubting as well as insecurity emotion when we talk about Health related problem.


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