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TRIGRAM GEN - Mountain

Gen Gua has 1 YANG line on the top and 2 YIN lines on the below which has reversed position from the Zhen hexagram ( Thunder).

The Zhen wakes us from our dream and asks us to move forward. Then this Gen symbolises that one needs to put on a pause to plan a strategy, to see and to collect data.

To have a pause in the right moment is just as good as moving in full force to achieve the goals.

The Mountain represents a solid foundation that has fixed position, a sign of work accumulation that build high above. It has grand and impressive in appearance, archaic and impossive also wisdom and trustworthy presence.

When talks about Sector and Direction it is on the NORTHEAST and represents the numbers of 7 on Early Heaven Bagua and 8 on Later Heaven Bagua.

The Northeast in 5 Element system also represents Earth ; sign of stability, abundance, assets, health, works of accumulation.

Looking at the people perspective, it represents youngest son, boy. If talks about body shape it can represent a plum ( pear) body shape person or squarish jawline when is looking from face shape.

This Gen Trigram associates with back bone, hands, fingers, nose ( the bone especially ), stomach and because the “accumulation”, this Gen also represent cancer, tumor and swelling and the feeling of insecurity when we talk about Health related problem.


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